Welcome to Lower Merion Crew!

Home Page Last updated — February 1, 2007

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MEMBERS OF THE CREW! Use this site to keep up with all of the news. So put a Favorites marker on this site and come back often!

LM CREW has its own YAHOO newsgroup. Its easy to get there, just click HERE!

Last Chance to get your name on AND Pre ORDER the Ergathon T shirt will be 2/6/07.
$75 gets your name on the shirt (and 1 free shirt)
10$ gets you a t-shirt (athletes get one free), send your name and size
Contact Lisa Greenspan for details!

A PDF calendar for the 2007 season is now available for download. Check for updates from time to time. To get the (version 1.29.07)click HERE

Swim Test is no longer 2/15. Stay TUNED

Click Here for Coach Wood’s Winter Workout thoughts.

Need an invitation to the Social? 

Click Here!

PHOTO’s by Brad —— Click here to go to the PHOTO GALLERY by Brad Remick ——
Brad is posting these and other photos directly on the web for you to purchase. All profits go directly to the LM Crew association.

In the words of Vince Lombardi
‘Those who have the most invested are the last to surrender’

Winter Training! Look for it in NEWS
Fall Rowing with LM CREW!
The original four, shown at the May 1949 Nationals, consisted of Charles McManon (cox), Richard Armstrong (stroke), Paul Clark, Spike Muench and Harry Hazzard (bow).Since 1948, Lower Merion High School has been training and competing on the Schuykill River. Today, men and women from 9-12th grades work out and race each spring.Please feel free to browse our site, make suggestions, and enjoy the growing number of pages full of stories, information and pictures.

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